Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stellan McKinney

I would really like to ask for prayers for a five month old little boy named Stellan Mckinney. I was turned onto this website by a sorority sister Michelle Dumas, thanks Michelle. This mother has really effected me today. She was told when she was at 20 weeks pregnant her baby had several cardiac arrythmias and disorders and that her child would surely die in the womb or at birth. She started asking for prayer on her blog and it has truely taught our country (and the world for that matter) the power of prayer. McKinney says her website is approaching seven million hits—which averages out to 20 to 30 hits every five seconds. Stellan was born in October perfectly healthy. However, in March his heart went back into superventricular tachycardia and will not revert out of this rhythm. This could pose to be fatal to this small baby. The family lives in Minnesota but the mom, known as "MckMama" and baby Stellan were flown to Boston Children's Hospital a week ago and he had a major surgery on Tuesday. The surgery was not as successful as they had hoped. And if you read today, unfortunately his heart is back in this irreversible rhythm. I have been truely touched reading this mother's blog today and reading about her faith in Jesus Christ. It is remarkable. Yet at the same time I have been crying (yes crying at work) for her and the helplessness she must feel. It is 3:39 in the afternoon and I cannot wait to get home and a kiss and hug all over Garrett, so grateful he is healthy and that I am not sitting in a NICU wondering what God has in store for me next. I hope you are truely touched by this womans faith and the following worldwide who are praying for her. The coolest part is she asked everyone to wear orange the day of his surgery and send her a picture, check this out, "". It has taught me something about humanity and that faith is alive in this world!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter update!

Sorry it has been a week before getting up Easter photos but "the blogger" has been ill. I started getting sick the Friday before Easter and I was really bad by Saturday and had high fevers, chills, and severe body aches that lasted until Wednesday. I have been in bed for 5 days now and I am tired of it, yuck! Therefore as you probably guessed I was in bed for all of Easter weekend. Brandon and Garrett had a good time. Brandon brought Garrett home on Thursday to spend time with Grandma Kline. They had a great time and Garrett was nice and spoiled! I joined the crew on Friday but was not much fun. The weekend was spent mainly visiting with friends and family. Brandon got in some tee time with Noah and Lance so that was fun. Brandon and Garrett went to chruch with Lance and Keri on Easter Sunday. My mom hosted lunch for everyone in Lance's family, ours and Grnadma Kline on Sunday. It was full of good food, sweets and an Easter egg hunt. I drug myself off the couch for that, I couldnt miss my baby's first egg hunt! Garrett really was not that interested in the egg hunt and hates trying to walk on the uneven ground! He loved looking in his Easter basket and the plastic eggs though! Here are some pictures of the big day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Those baby blues!

Well as promised I wanted to share with you Garrett's first year pcitures and his 1st birthday memories! Garrett went to see Dr Kristen yeserday for his 12 month visit and he is 22 lbs 10 oz and 28.5 inches. In other words he is stocky monkey! Garrett had another big milestone this weekend. He had his first overnight at his great aunt Rebecca's while Brandon and I went to Erin Hillebrand's wedding, he did great! We are excited for Easter weekend and while post those festivties next week! Happy Easter to all!

He hated this hat. I am shocked Amanada got one with it on!

He loves Brinkley's bed.

Garrett showing us how old he is "1"!

Look at those baby blues!

I love my wagon!

End of pcitures so now I can get dirty!

My sister's fabulous four dressed in Easter best!

Happy Birthday to Garrett!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Today we are celebrating Garrett's first birthday! It is so hard to be believe that one year has passed since God has blessed us with a son. Brandon and I truely feel that Garrett has enlightened our lives and our marriage. We do not think we could love anyone more! Although he is busy and keeps us on our toes, we have had the time of our life! Here are a few pictures from a year ago today at 4:59pm.

We already had a birthday party for Garrett last Saturday. We had so much fun spending time with family and good friends. Garrett was truely the entertainer when it came to sing "Happy Birthday" and eating cake. The video is around five minutes because he does eat 2 cupcakes and a plate then a big clap for the endI am glad the party went off without a hitch and a good time was had by all! Thanks to those who shared in that moment with us! Amanda Walter (aka: Kline family photographer) came to the party so we will have pictures up soon.