Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're back!

We have returned from the 2nd annual Graham family Michigan trip! We had a great time and have returned very relaxed...all you can ask for from a vacation! It was a very different experience from last year's trip when Garrett was only 9 weeks old. This year it was all about chasing a toddler and washing sand out of creases. The weather was cooler and rainier than last but we made the best of it, but we did get three sunny days out of six! We spent time in downtown Union Pier eating ice cream and shopping. When the weather was nice we were at the beach or in the pool. Something new this year, our cabin had private beach access and we were able build a fire and enjoy smores, yum!! We ended the week with dinner at local favorite The Stray Dog! Enjoy the many pics!

Garrett and daddy splash'n around. The water was 55 degrees, burrrr!

Meme and baby Landon

Mr. "I do-it-myself" walking to the beach

It was a little cool the first day for swimsuits.

Garrett loved the rocks and could not wait to get dirty.

So he did and the beach quickly became a nudist colony

Garrett buried his cousin in he sand; he thought this was so funny!

Our night fireside on the beach!

Mommy's favorite SMORES!

As you can see...Garrett's favorite part was the chocolate.

Enjoying more sweets...that is what vacation is all about!

Downtown Union Pier

Lakeside MI is known for the Adirondack chairs in bright colors!

Aunt Keri and Landon

Garrett is still perplexed by his baby cousin

Mom and dad at local favorite The Stray Dog. Their slogan is so cute, "Come, Sit, Stay!"

Buddy's first haircut

I wanted to post quickly Garrett's pictures of his first haircut. My talented sister cuts all of her kids and husband's hair so I commissioned her for Garrett first cut. He really needed it; he seriously had a mullet! Sesame Street kept him pretty occupied and he did not mind it much! Thanks aunt Keri!

A blurry pciture of my handsome boy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Garrett first swim party!

Last Sunday we had the privilege of attending a swim party with our couples bible study! Brandon and I have been doing a couple study of Romans every other Monday since January. The couples all attend our church East 91st street Christian here in Indy. We were invited to join the group by our family friends Jess and Josh Rabuck. We have enjoyed getting to know the other three couples. The party was at the Pelsue's home to celebrate Aaron's birthday. Aaron Pelsue leads the contemporary worship at our church and is a very talented singer and writer. We had a great time and it was a beautiful night. Garrett really enjoyed their pool. He is fearless and practically walked right into the pool...hence the life jacket. The hit of the party was Aaron and Emily's newly adopted daughter, Posey. She is gorgeous and we are all smitten with her beauty and the gift she has brought to their family! We leave tomorrow for our Michigan lake house trip with the Graham's. We will have plenty of pics when we return, I am sure!

Garrett loving his turtle float!

Jess holding baby Posey!

Molly and her bathing beauties, Kennedy and Ansley.

Grace wading in the water.

Josh with baby Isaac(he wasn't quite sure what he thought about the pool)

Mama Emily and baby Posey

All the gals "ohhh"ing and "awe"ing over baby Posey.

The proud mama and papa.

Garrett was so "brave" that he ended up in a life jacket but enjoyed it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mini me?

Many people are shocked to learn that Garrett belongs to me. Seeing that he has bright blues eyes and blond hair! I usually immediately say "yes, he is his daddy's boy! He looks just like daddy when he was a boy." What do you think?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip to the zoo!

One of the biggest perks of my new job is now I can take off for special days such as Garrett's first field trip to the zoo! Garrett's daycare, Kids Korner, took their annual trip to the zoo the day after Memorial day; and mommy volunteered to go! Miss Jaime, Miss Nikki, Jaime's husband Tim, me and another daddy Josh took 13 kids to the Indianapolis Zoo. We had a blast! The kids were so well behaved and had a great time. Jaime treated us to lunch, the dolphin show, and a train ride. Mommy was excited that she got to experience Garrett's first trip to the zoo. His favorite part was the "Pet the sharks" exhibit and the polar bear. After this experience I have a new appreciation for what Jaime and Nikki do everyday. I told her I was keep'n my day job!

I helped by driving two other kiddos, Grace and Reagan. Garrett loved having two girls in his car!

The big hit, the polar bear! He really put on a performance for the kids!

Break for lunch! Feeding thirteen kids was tough!

The girls on the train ride, Bella, Dilan and Haley!

Garrett's train partner Paige in her adorable sunglasses. She kept those on the whole day!

Sippy break with Hayden!

They loved how close the giraffes came to the fence!

Roaring at the lions!

Garrett was unsure of the goats in the petting zoo!

After 5 hours at the zoo and no nap!

Daddy's project update!

Here is an update on the playset! Well as you can see we have put a lot of sweat equity into this project but it looks brand new. We have to finish staining the new deck daddy built and find a tarp to put on top the tower and then we should be done!

Daddy built a new swing arm.

Post power wash and sanding!

After staining and new swings!

Yesterday daddy built decked in the bottom of the tower giving Garrett more play space.