Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look who's going to be TWO!!

Well, in one week Garrett will be two years old! I know it is very cliche for mom's to say, but "where has time gone?". Like most parents, Brandon and I feel that it was just yesterday we were bringing him home. We were filled with stress and bliss!! And also like my most parents, we feel that we have a truly awesome kid in our midst! He is definitely the light of our lives and makes life so interesting on a daily basis.

Garrett is known as a more reserved child at daycare, simply happy to just sit back at watch things happen but at home and with family he is full of laughter, song and funny phrases. Some of our favorites currently are how he has picked up a few praise songs when listening to KLOVE. He suddenly broke out into song at the store the other day, ministering to the other shoppers as he sang, "I know my God saved the day and I know his word never fails and know my God saved the day for me...ITS GONNA BE ALRIGHT!" Garrett is always saying cute things like "Alright" and "Awe Dude" but the one that melted my heart the most was the other day in the car was the first time he said "I love you, mommy!" WOW! The funniest thing lately is to hear him refer to himself in the third person.

Besides singing and talking a lot, he loves to play with cars, trains, and now likes to color on a easel I got for him at Ikea. Its so fun to see their interpretation of objects when they are coloring! Garrett is still a book freak! Personally I love that he loves to read so much because it has always been a struggle for me. I sometimes find him with piles of books around him just reading to himself and he loves trips to the library to get new books. And music is still his passion, I don't know if daddy is more excited to teach him how to play the guitar or swing a golf club.

Garrett is sensitive but tough. He is impatient and has a temper. He is a thinker and free spirit. If I thought these past two years were fun, I think there is so much more to experience in the future with this awesome kid! Toddler hood has been challenging but a blast; I am looking forward to some new things like a big boy bed and potty training. Should be interesting, stay tooned. Now begins the birthday celebration week, fun times ahead!
Praising God for this blessing

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun, Fleeting February

I know it has been a month since a Kline family update! February was a great,busy month. We did some traveling and a lot of catching up with family and friends. First off, Valentines weekend we went home to Evansville to celebrate my nephew, Landon's first birthday! His expressions with his cake were priceless, he was very proud of himself. What blessing God has bestowed on my sister and her family with the addition of this little guy!!

Landon with Pape

Happy Birthday to you!


Here mommy have a bite!

Landon and his two big sisters

The following weekend we enjoyed time with my three best girlfriends and their families. Between the four of us we have seven children, we all spent the night at the Sabelhaus home. We had such a great time. I personally really enjoyed spending time with all of our children. We don't see each other's kids that often. It was so fun to see all of their personalities and how they reacted to each other. Thanks to Tara for the great cooking and hospitality; this definitely needs to be an annual tradition!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Addie!

All seven of the kiddos!!

Then this past weekend we went to Chicago to celebrate Brandon's oldest sister, Dawn's baby shower! She is due in April with the third boy on the Kline side. We enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Mon Ami Gabi in Lincoln Park and all the wonderful gifts! Congrats Dawn and Harry, we cant wait to meet him!

The end of the month, brought our family great sadness. Yesterday we made the diffcult decision of putting our dog Brinkley to sleep. It is a long story of why this had to happen, but we would like to thank all our family and friends for all their wonderful support and prayers. Brandon and I are having a hard time with this decision but we have peace that we will heal. Brinkley was a big part of our family. We will miss you, Brinkley!