Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exciting News!

I know it has been a long hiatus from blogging for the Kline family but I felt this annoucement was worth breaking our silence!! We are expecting! That's right....Garrett is going to be a big brother in October 2011!

We are thrilled at the thought of completing our family with a new baby! This past year has brought many challenges for the Kline family but from those changes have come blessings! This child has already brought so much to our lives and we are excited for more. I am currently 12 weeks, through my first trimester, and it has been a tough one! I have been very tired and nauseous and have had just about every pregnancy symptom known to man, many of which I will not discuss on this blog! I was this sick with Garrett and it ended at 13 weeks so I am hopeful the end is near. Garrett is excited! I venture to say he understands, except the other night he asked me "when are we going to go pick up our baby", so maybe not. When I asked if he wanted a brother or sister, he said "a puppy". Please pray for a continued healthy pregnancy , more energy for me and for Southern Indiana to have the mildest summer to date! (I am nervous about being pregnant in the summer...I hate being hot!) We love you all!