Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got Milk?

Brooke was having a bowl full of ice cream, and it did not take long for bubba to notice the bowl. Can I have some or "eh" in Garrett's language. All it took was one bite and he was hooked. Eh...Eh...Eh He was like a little bird. By the end of it, he had a wonderful milk mustache and we had to capture it.

We will have pictures of our trip to the Children's Museum with Dawn, Shannon, Patrick, and Grandma, soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lights, Camera, Garrett!

Here are a few videos we have in the archive that we have been meaning to send out and share with everyone, enjoy! We also spent some time updating our photos, keep scrolling down!

Jumpy, jumpy, jump!
This is Garrett's favorite new activity, the jumping jimmy!

Crush'n on Addie
What can I say...I'm a Hunk! They just flock to my smooth talking ways and devilish good looks!

Garrett and Addison Angermeier Aug 2, 2008

Tech Specialist
Garrett typing an email to all of his friends and family!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Give me a five!

Garrett is now five months old. Our new milestones are sitting up on our own, which makes it fun to play with toys. Also as of yesterday we have our first tooth!! This tooth and the other one that is soon to arrive has come with a lot of slobber, fussiness and chewing on everything. He still goes to Miss Jaime's everyday and loves it! His favorite activity there is the music teacher that comes to play every Thursday. We are enjoying walks more now that we can sit up like a big boy in our stroller. Brandon and I have enjoyed taking him to the Fishers Farmers Market on saturday mornings. Otherwise lately we have really enjoyed a few weekends at home and a little TLC!

Peeking over tub at daddy!

Stealing the remote from daddy has become a fun game.

This may be a good motivator to start crawling.

My little fish!

I wanted to share some pictures my neighbor Todd captured of Garrett in the baby pool with his girls Valerie and Samantha. He loved splashing around with the girls and playing with boats. I think I have a little fish on my hands!

Monkeying around!

Last weekend we had beautiful weather that we needed to take advantage of, plus I think our family needed a little fresh air! So we took our first Kline family trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. Obviously Garrett is a little young, so this trip was primarily for mom and dad. Garrett did enjoy the Oceans exhibit and the seal/sea lions because it was up close and hands-on. There was something about letting my 5 month old put his hand in shark infested waters so I left the "pet the sharks" exhibit to daddy. We are definitely looking foward to another trip next spring when he is older.