Monday, December 29, 2008


Well Garrett's first Christmas was a hit! We went down to Evansville on Wednesday (a day later thanks to the ice storm!). We went to church on Christmas Eve with Meme and Pape. Christmas Day was spent with my cousins Noah, Claire and Anna Grace. Santa was very good to all of us! My favorite thing to open was the big box my wagon came in! Then, Brandon's family came into town and we had Christmas at Grandma Kline's house. Garrett was spoiled rotten with many wonderful gifts like a ball popper, music table, blocks, videos and more bath toys! We have been very blessed this year and are looking foward to a New Year !

Christmas morning

Christmas Eve

Looking at presents with Meme

Yeah! A wagon!

Noah, Claire, Anna Grace Christmas morning

Here I go!

My first ride in my wagon!

Christmas at Grandma's

Opening presents with Jolynn

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kline elves

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We wanted to show everyone Garrett's favorite time of the day! We all have really come to cherrish bath time. Garrett takes a bath every night. No he is not a particularly dirty kid but he gets fussy around 6pm every night and this is how we keep the peace in this family. He is instantly all smiles when he hits the water and we love to watch him play. Brandon and I spend the time on the bathroom floor catching eachother up on our day! Yesterday Garrett got an early Christmas present from Grandpa Kline, a new tugboat for the tub...its a hit! Thanks Grandpa!

You say mama, I say dadda

Garrett has been going around the house for about the past two weeks constantly saying dadadada. Last week, Garrett learned to say mamamama. Now, all he wants and says is momma. Go figure!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Baby

I wanted to put Amanda's new pictures of Garrett up. As usual, she did such a great job capturing the wonder of an eight month old. Our family has really enjoyed the season so far despite the routine of me starting a new job. I have really paused lately to enjoy the incredible joy and peace Christmas brings to us. Even though I believe there is so much hurt and struggle in our world today with the market and war, I cannot help but feel a sense that our Lord has it all wrapped up in His very large hand and is taking care of it all! He keeps whispering to me, "Ive got it". My hope is that all my friends and family feel the peace that comes with the Lord's love and grace! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's been awhile!

We apologize it has been so long since we have last given you a Kilne family update. November was plagued with illness in our family. Garrett shared a lovely stomach bug with the whole family and then Garrett was diagnosed with a double ear infection. All along I was trying to train my replacement at work and Brandon was trying to stay afloat from having to miss school. Praise God we were healthy just in time for Turkey day! I took a week off between starting my new job and we enjoyed a great 5 days home in E'ville with family and friends! Garrett is definitely on the move. He is now pulling up and cruising on furniture. Busy...busy. It was fun to spend so much time with him last week. We also spent time with good friends and both sides of our family were in town. Garrett was able to meet Santa for the first time (thanks to Grandpa Jerry...shhhhh). He did great, no tears! Otherwise he was passed around and loved on for five days straight! Garrett is getting his two front teeth for Christmas! We are looking foward to the Christmas holiday and all the joy it brings. Hope you find this time as enjoyable as we do. I also put some picttures of my little sock monkey from Halloween since we fell behind! Love you all!

Hohoho! Santa brought Garrett a train whistle and hat!

Grandpa Kline made the trip all the way from S. Carolina!


Mommy's helper putting up lights!


We were all smiles even though we were sick.

My sock monkey on Halloween.

Noah pushed Garrett all over the neighboorhood for trick-or-treating

The whole family was up for Halloween

The Callahan tripletts' first Halloween!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

You got to move it, move it!

We are very excited( and very leary) to announce that Garrett is crawling! Friday night we were trying to show my mom, his "Meme", how he learned to sit up from all fours and suddenly he went for it! Garrett had a very big weekend, besides learning to crawl he was dedicated at church this morning. This is where our church prays over the children and pledges their dedication to supporting our family and showing our son who Jesus is. Grandma Kline and Meme were looking on with great pride! Earlier today ,after lunch, Garrett crawled from the living room to the kitchen while mom and dad discussed baby-proofing! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Fall"ing for Garrett

We wanted to share Garrett's six month pictures with you! My friend Amanda from work took these pictures(she also took his 3 month pics) I have been dreaming about pictures of Garrett in the leaves since he was still in my belly. This is my favorite time of year as you may guessed by now. Since I have the opportunity I will fill you in on some changes in the Kline household. I am told Garrett will soon be mobile. He is currently on all fours rocking back and forth, very eager to get going! He is more verbal and all smiles than ever. Brandon and I both agreee this is a great age. He also loves walking (with our support of course), if he had his way we would be doing this all day long. In more news, as of December I will be taking a new job. I have wanted to make this change since my pregnancy and God has now answered that prayer. I will be working Internal Medicine for a great man, Dr James Pike. I will be working four days a week(yeah Mondays will be Mommy and Garrett Day!) with hopes of maybe moving to three days a week in the future. Wish me luck! We are also blessed to find out that Garrett will be having a new "boy" cousin in Feburary and a new "boy" friend with the Sablehaus'. Yeah for boys! I think this means we will be very busy, boys are busy! Cannot wait to post Halloween!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our little pumpkin head!

Today we went to Stoneycreek Farms in Noblesville to pick our family pumpkin. We took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Daddy helped Garrett pick the perfect first pumpkin. We also enjoyed walking around the farm which had ponies, a petting zoo, mums, and gords. We enjoyed homemade strawberry shortcake and bought some fresh pumpkin butter. We had so much fun together. This is sure to be a family tradition!