Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh my October!

Well, an update from the Kline crew is waaaaay over due! Besides being our favorite month of the year, October has brought many new changes for the Kline's. Garrett started the month off by turning 2 and a half which meant he was able start his new preschool here in Newburgh. He is adjusting well and really likes his teacher, Mrs. Brown and especially digs her assistant, Miss Kim. He is struggling with taking naps on his cot and at times he gets a little too excited and has trouble keeping his hands to himself but for the most part it has been a very positive transition. Also at the beginning of the month our prayers were answered with the sale of our home in Fishers. We officially moved out mid-month. Our feelings were mixed with the move. Up until that point we have kept a very positive attitude about this transition in our life, but seeing our home empty and leaving the town we fell in love with was VERY hard. God is still working on our hearts to bring us peace with leaving our wonderful friends, neighbors, church and the first home we made together as a family. And it is with joy in our hearts that we announce we have purchased a home here in Newburgh(the same day we closed in Fishers!!). The process was quick and kind of unexpected but we found a home in a neighborhood that we love that was priced to move so we jumped on it! We are very excited about this home and the hope that this will give us more peace with our move. We have also started a "small group" with three other couples and are enjoying the fellowship and new friendship!! Ironically all four couples have all relocated recently back to our hometown of Newburgh from big cities, such as Indy, Nashville and Cincinatti. We are thinking of all ourselves the Boomerangs!! Brandon also started the month off by participating in the Evansville Mini-marathon. He did very well with a time of 1:37, a personal best. The best part was that his sister's came down from Chicago to cheer him on!!

Cousin Nicholas, so cute!!!

Our New House!!

Still to come......Halloween 2010!!!