Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip to the "Lou"

For Labor Day, we decided to make a trip to see my grandmother in Missouri. We have not seen her in five years and she has never met Garrett, so it was due time. To break up the trip, we decided to stop at the St Louis Zoo on the way down. I have heard such great things about their zoo and its free!! It was a gorgeous, mild day and we had a great time! I am excited to make future trips to the "Lou" now that we live closer.

Grandma Graham, "Granny" with her great grandchildren

Four generations!!

On Labor Day, we were able to enjoy the local parade. The parade route goes right in front of Grandma Kline's house. Garrett was still very upset by the firetrucks. He ran inside Grandmas house and watched from the window until they passed. Eventually, he got the hang of it and love getting all of the candy. He got more candy than Halloween last year!

Grandpa Jerry in his police car!

Frog Follies

Anyone that has been around Garrett lately knows that this boy is obsessed with cars!!! He takes them to bed, bath and to the dinner table! He is not alone in his passion. My dad and Brandon are big into cars and restoration, so it was only fitting that they take a trip to the annual Frog Follies hot rod festival a few weeks ago. Garrett was in heaven!