Monday, February 8, 2010

Splendid Snow!

Cardboard Testimonies

This video was shared with me tonight by a fellow MOPS mom. I has really made me think, what is my cardboard testimony? Watch, pray and realize HE LOVES US!!! This song gets me everytime we sing it at church, such a humbling praise song!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Totally Toddler!

I have been wanting to do a Garrett update for awhile, especially now that we have gotten a new camera! I mainly wanted to do this update to chronicle Garrett at this stage, this "new" phase...TODDLER! This is a time that most moms would agree can make you laugh, cry and mad all in a span of a few minutes. Moments such as serenading us at dinner with the praise song he heard in the car, peeing in the potty for the first time, the bliss of him playing by himself for 20 whole minutes or still wanting to cuddle are met with the un-nerving frustration of his numerous fits: fits over getting his nails cut, fits over getting his hair cut, fits of not wanting mommy to help bush his teeth or hair for that matter, fits because that is not the fruit he meant when he said "fruit please", or fits over not getting to eat hummus and pretzels every night for dinner! But truthfully it has been a lot of fun! It is hard to believe Garrett is 22 months old already!

Garrett's Favorites
Favorite things to do outside: well, not a lot of time has been spent outside due to winter, although he did play out in the snow this morning
Favorite things to do inside:our newest LOVE is cars (he inherited 30 Match box cars...its verging on the edge of obsession) and everything that goes with them like tracks and garages, ball pit, school buses, reading books, he has officially mastered two puzzles (time to get more!)
Favorite foods: hummus, pretzels, pizza, turkey dogs, raisins, applesauce, apples, grapes
Favorite treats: gold fish and teddy grams
Favorite drink: water and sips of mommy's sweet tea
Favorite songs: ABC's and the theme songs to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Chuggington"

Garrett's Dislikes
Anything hair brushing, teeth brushing, nail or hair cutting.
Garrett still does not like to eat after 5pm. He gets very frustrated when things do not work properly or on his time clock.

Garrett with his first love, CARS!!

The first picture I took with my new camera, love those baby blues!

I often find Garrett surrounded by books and "reading" to himself
**notice the pages are all cars, trucks, airplanes, etc**

Garrett with one his favorite people, Meme.

Probably because she thinks of things like this, lining up all of his cars!

Garrett in one of those moments!!

Then one minute later, he's smiling!

Did I say we love CARS?!