Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My three year old little man!

Garrett is 3!!! It has been a while since I have posted anything about my little man! Partially because we have been so busy and partially because the kid does not sit still for a picture these days. I have seen several folks conduct interviews with their little one to capture them at this sweet age so I thought I would try. He did pretty well I thought! I am doing my best to embrace "three". It is as tough as many say it is, plus with feeling terrible in my pregnancy it has been extra challenging. As you can see Garrett has changed a lot! He was diagnosed with amblyopia in the right eye in March and now has to wear glasses. At first I was devastated, but then reality set in on how healthy this kid really is and so what if he has to wear glasses. Amblyopia is weak or "lazy" eye where his brain did not respond enough to stimulation as a baby and therefore his right eye did not strengthen properly. We are hopeful he will only have glasses in adolescence and that the eye will improve on its own. He has done really well with keeping his glasses on and does not put up much of a fight. We have to start patching his good eye for several hours this summer so that could be the true test! Garrett went to the doctor last week and weighs 35.5 pounds and is 39 inches tall. At this rate, the doctor said he could be 6'2", which his 5'10.5" father is thrilled about!! Maybe basketball is in his future! Garrett continues to be a loving, sweet boy with lots of energy! He has struggled in school with talking and listening skills which he comes by honestly; his mom and dad love to talk! He would live outside if we let him and has rarely used the bonus room that I just had to have in our new home. His favorite people are his cousins and grandparents. He would live at my sister's and grandparent's if I would let him. His growing relationship with them warms my heart and gives me peace that our move was the right one all along!