Monday, August 25, 2008

Its been a long time

It has been too long since we last blogged, sorry! The Kline family has been overwhelmed by sickness and traveling lately so that has put us behind. The last three weeks have been plagued with Garrett's first cold and then our first bought of the stomach flu all at once. Needless to say our family is tired. We have now realized with the fun and drool of daycare comes the germs and goobers! Garrett is doing very well at Miss Jaime's house, our family just adores her and her sister Nikki. We have noticed eveyrtime we pick him up she is holding him...can we say spoiled! Brandon and I are having so much fun with him right now. He is sitting up for long peroids of time, belly laughing and he grabs our face and gives us big open mouth kisses(probably how we caught the stomach flu). There is nothing like coming in the room and your son notices you, grabs you and gives you a kiss. We feel that a tooth will soon be presenting itself as well. As I said earlier we traveled to Garrett's first wedding. Our dearest friends Blaine and Margaret were married on August 16th in Chicago, what a God-filled, spiritual day! Congrats guys! Garret did very well at the rehearsal even though we were up very late! He spent the wedding day with his Aunts Dawn and Shannon and cousin Patrick. We are so glad they were able to spend time with him. And last but certainly not least Garrett wants to introduce his newest friends the Callahan Tripletts. Harry Owen, Olivia Ann, and Madeline Rose were born August 19th. They are currently in the NICU for approx. 2 months. They are breathing on their own with some added oxygen and doctors say are strong for their size. We are praying for these babies that they will grow and thrive! Promise not to wait so long to write the next time.

Wrestling with daddy!

Kisses from Brinkley

Daddy teaching me guitar

Me with Margaret on her wedding day

Madeline Rose

Olivia Ann

Harry Owen

The proud mommy, Ashley

Friday, August 8, 2008

Whew! We made it!

Well we just accomplished what seems to be every working parents worse fear...the first week of daycare! Praise Jesus, we all did great! Garrett had a good first week. He is already known as most beautiful smile and super laid back. He enjoys the Bumbo and jumparoo the best! He has adjusted to the other children well and everytime I pick him up he has several ladies surrounding him. If this is a sign of the future, I am in trouble. Dad and I have adjusted to the new schedule as well. Brandon starts school on Monday so that will be the true test. I also wanted to share about last weekend. We had a shower for my good friend Ashley Callahan. If I have not shared with you, Ashley is pregnant with tripletts and is on bedrest in Clarian North Hospital. So we had to have her shower in the hospital...a first for me! We had a great time. Celebrations of babies always brings friends together so our good friends Laura and Jeremy were up from Louisville with their daughter Addison! She is one month older than Garrett. They were definitely "friends" at first sight! They were talking to eachother and could not stop touching eachother's face. This week was also Garrett's first try at solids. He has tried cereal, bananas and sweet potatoes(I believe those were his favorite!)

The Delta Gamma Gals at the shower

Addison and Garret meet for the first time

I love sweet potatoes when they actually get into my mouth!