Friday, August 6, 2010

Our new adventure!

It is very hard to believe that we have already lived in Newburgh for over a month! I apologize for the delay of update but we have trying our best to embrace this move and our new home. Like with any change, there has been some sadness and hesitation met with excitement and hope. We are currently living with my parents while we are trying to sell our home in Indy. God has been teaching us patience since the beginning of this journey and we continue to remind ourselves that God's timing is perfect and our home will sell. So we are hopeful for the time when we are able to find our own home and get settled here. Meanwhile, we are so grateful to have a home at my parents' who are two of easiest, awesome people to live with!!

We have been keeping ourselves busy here in the south!! Garrett has been a fish this summer. Swimming has been the best way to keep him entertained and beat the heat around here. We have made two trips to Burdette Park, a local water park and he went to Holiday World/Splashing Safari with Grandma Kline last week. He has already been to the Children's Museum of Evansville, which is much smaller than Indy but lots of fun! Garrett went to his first week of vacation bible school at a local church who actually took 2 year olds...they were saints! Garrett's favorite part has been all the time with family. He literally lights up when you mention "we are going to Grandmas" or "lets go see your cousins"! He is tickled by the fact that Meme can rock him every morning and make him pancakes. Garrett will need to go through detox when he leaves here! August 16th he will start Mothers Morning Out at a local church until a spot opens at the daycare we have chosen.

As for Brandon and I were are doing great! I have been at my job for one month already and I really like it. It feels good to be in a group with southern hospitality that treats their employs so well, I love it there! Dr Goris, my boss, is a quiet guy but super laid back and respectful, which as most know I have never had! Brandon is anxious to get the school year started. Today was his last day of summer and we are preparing his room this weekend. He has met several teachers whom have all been very welcoming.

Here are some pictures of Garrett during his morning routine with Meme

I have been meaning to share our latest family pictures. My friends, Amanda came up to Michigan during our family vacation and took pictures of the family on the beach! I love them, thanks Amanda!