Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great visit with old friends!!

Last weekend we were able to go visit our friends, the Kasprzyk's in Springfield Il. Unfortunately, we only get to see Nick and Jami about twice a year, and the birth of their second child, Alexander prompted this visit! It was fun to see Garrett and their daughter Addison (2 1/2 yrs) play together. Before it seemed like they were so far a part in age but now that Garrett has turned two they had a lot of fun! Besides free McDonalds all weekend (Nick owns/operates a McDonalds) which is always a plus, we also enjoyed the day a The Children's Discovery Museum. Great weekend, great kids, and great friends!!

Baby Alexander 7 weeks old

Garrett and daddy making me a pizza

Lunch at Windy City Weiners!!

Silly Nick!

Nick teaching the kids about milking cows?!

After the museum we enjoyed some time outdoors with bubbles,
baseball and beer (for the adults of course!)

Very talented of you Nick, hitting bubbles with a bat while drinking!

Giving the kiddos a bath....a far cry from the dorms at Purdue boys!