Saturday, July 3, 2010

Michigan 2010

After all that has been going on, we were really looking forward to a week at the beach with family! Every year the Graham family rents a house in Harbour Country, Michigan so we can relax and spend time together. Garrett had a great time with his cousins and was constantly entertained by the pool or playing on the beach! The week went by so quickly but we had a great time!

Garrett could dig in the sand for hours!

Playing with his cousins Noah, Claire and Anna Grace

Uncle Lance and Landon

My buddy, Pape and me on the beach

One of the more peaceful moments between cousins. Right now
these two annoy one another but soon I know they will be buds!

Daddy finally deserve it!

Making a chocolate cake for Father's Day

Pape watching "Cars" with his grandsons

Garretts favorite outdoor activity was learning to ride
Noah's razor

A Happy Father's Day you daddy!

Warren Dunes State Park. Daddy carried Garrett all the way up!
(you can see Garrett and daddy at the very top)

Looking out at the beach from the top

The view

busy boy, Landon

Eating a homemade strawberry milkshake at Nancy's At The Beach

Anna Grace enjoying some ice cream

Claire and her Meme

Noah helping Garrett swim

But before we knew it, Garrett had the hang of it and would swim for hours

My swimming buddy, daddy!

My handsome boy!

Sweatshirts in June guys, really?!

The little man, Landon

On our way home we stopped by Chicago and met our
newest member of the family, Nicholas Oliver (Brandon's
sister, Dawn's new baby boy!)