Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial (aka: Inauguration) weekend!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend, also known as the inaugural opening of the Van Zandt's new house, the inaugural opening of Garrett's baby pool and the inaugural event of the Callahan triplets visiting our house! It started with a trip to Columbus Ohio to visit Kris and Jen Van Zandt and their new home. We had a great time meeting their friends from Ohio and visiting with their families, who lets face it had a hand a raising Brandon and I. The house was beautiful, so now comes the pressure of a bambino...come on guys you have been married 6 years!! We then ventured home on Sunday to catch the end of the Indy 500 on the radio. Garrett got to play with his baby pool for the first time...he loved it!! Memorial day brought rain but also our first pitch in with the Sablehaus' and Callahan's since last June!! Which meant the Callahan triplets actually got to come to our house and play with Garrett. We had a good, but crazy time with six kids to run after. I definitely noticed adult conversation is more difficult these days!! Daddy has T minus two days till summer break! But as we all know this is going to be full of toddler toting and honey-do-lists. I enclosed pictures of his latest project. Our neighbors so graciously gave us their play set; however it is about 6-7 years old and needs some major TLC. Here are some "before" pics. Hopefully we will have some "after" pics for you soon!! I have always said I love shabby chic!

Allison (Jen's baby sister), me and Jen

Garrett splash'n in Mr Frog!

Brinkley enjoying some Indy 500 on the radio in the sun!

Garrett's newest game, hide-n-go-seek! I would have never found you behind the kitchen table buddy!

Me and my handsome boy in navy seersucker!

Bryan and "mini me"

The sassy six!(from left to right): Olivia, Garrett, Harry, Madeline, Brady and Cole

The boys enjoying a beer after moving the play set for us, thanks again!

There she is! A little power wash, fresh stain, new swings and some replaced wood and she should be as good as new!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take 1 and 2 and 3!

So when I had the "great" idea (from our previous blog) to take a picture of Garrett holding the "Happy Mother's Day" sign, I saw it going smoother in my head. Here is take 1,2,and 3 before just saying Brandon would you hold him and the sign so we can be done!

Take #1

Take #2

Take #3

Well we have had a crazy week here in the Kline household! We are official parents of a toddler. No momentous birthday or milestone...just tantrums, saying the word "no", and constantly getting into everything even after mommy has said "no" 100 times. This is probably why he has learned the word "no". The hardest thing is that he has been very fussy for about two weeks and rightly so. Two weeks ago he started getting his 12 month molars, then last week he starting getting a rash. We thought nothing of the spots until I showed them to my good neighbor Sherri (no medical back ground, just mom of three and the source of constant motherly advice) and she so confidently said "that’s chicken pox". Excuse me?, what?, he cannot have chicken pox he was just vaccinated for chicken pox! Sure enough as quickly as she said it, they multiplied. A phone call to the pediatrician the next morning confirmed, yes, Garrett got the chicken pox from none other than the shot I gave him to prevent them. Needless to say daddy and Garrett had two bonding days home from school/daycare. But sadly we had horrible diarrhea and a low grade temp all through the weekend and into Monday. Now we are starting to act more like Garrett! He shocked our socks off tonight at dinner he looked up at me and said "thank you" and baby signed thank you. Thank you Miss Jaime for teaching him such neat things; he now baby signs "more" and "eat" as well! Here are more pictures of our toddling, tantrum throwing, toilet paper unraveling, yet tender-hearted toddler!

Baby Einstein and O's just what the doctor ordered!

Should have known this was going to happen!

Can we say "naked cowboy"

My first whole apple, yum!

After a recent spaghetti night!

My new chair...I love it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Garrett wanted to wish Happy Mothers Day to Meme, Grandma Kline, Aunt Keri and Aunt Shannon! We love you and wish we could be there to give you hugs and kisses!

All mommy wanted for Mother's Day was a picnic in the park with her boys! After a wonderful morning walk, we headed to Holland Park for lunch and play!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

The Kline family is doing well. Daddy is counting down T-minus 4 weeks until schools out, unless the swine flu hits our county then they have to close school. Since I have already had the "swine flu" and he and Garret didn’t get it, I told him not to worry. Oh, yeah, so I think I had the swine flu. I was deathly ill for 6 days around Easter and I had every symptom and I caught from none other than a fellow PA that had just returned from, you guessed it, Mexico. Not to make light of a pandemic but just a coinsidence. I don’t know. Last weekend we spent everyday outside and we created a monster. Monday morning Garrett was banging on the porch door at 6:45 am crying to be outside. Then the rain hit and so did the 12 month molars, so that was a fun week! Well looks like we are getting some relief today from the four consecutive days of rain. Today we ran a few errands and went up to the Hamilton Town Center (that is our outdoor mall). We were shocked by the sun shine! We enclosed a few pictures of Garrett playing on their playground. We bought Garrett a pair of Croc-type shoes for our upcoming trip to Michigan and seeing that he will not walk in anything but Robees we surprised to see he liked them. We made it home in time to watch his first Kentucky Derby. He really cheered for the horses which was cute! Love when the under-dog wins! Then we had our first family movie night. I borrowed Wall-E from a gal at work. We sat down with blankies, ice cream and milk. Garrett went in and out of watching but I was surprised that he actually watched about 30 minutes before retiring to bed. We head home for Mother's Day and the twins' 9 birthday next weekend!

Garrett has been doing his part to help save on utilities in this economy. Baths without water!

Handsome boy eating his snack on the porch with daddy!

This toy is a hit! Leap Frog Barnyard Animal game for the fridge!

Love my car!

Grandma Kline got me this wheelbarrow...time to put him to work pull'n weeds!

Play'n at the Town Center!

Mommy and buddy watching Wall-E!