Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had wonderful Halloween weekend filled with fun and friends! We had our first annual Kline Halloween party on Friday night. We had to have the party indoors due to the rain but we still had a great time. We invited several neighbors and friends and enjoyed good food, lots of sweets and creative costumes! I will have to post pictures later because I am going to have to get them from someone else. When you are the host you don't have much time to pick up a camera. Our great friends, the Angermiers, from Louisville came to stay for the weekend with their daughter Addison. Addie is 20 months old (5 weeks older than Garrett) so she and Garrett played and laughed hard all weekend. Saturday morning we went to Traders Point Christian Church to their indoor playground and let the kids work out some energy and give the parents time to visit. It is very surreal when Laura, Tara, Ashley and I get together with our SEVEN children. It is still hard to believe that we are married raising these beautiful kids!

Garrett and I going down the slide (haha, look at my hair)

Jeremy and Addie high in the sky

The kiddos had a great time playing with the Tripletts Cho-cho

Garrett and Madeline in the tree house

Snack time!!

Then it was time to go home and rest..ok so Garrett was the only one who took a nap. Addie and the tripplets were too excited for Halloween. The daddies got in 9-holes at the golf range and then it was time for festive-shaped pizza. We then got them dressed and met up with the Callahan tripplets for some trick-or-treating! The kids did really well. Garrett and Addison really got the hang of marching up to the door and getting candy from the neighbors. Garrett was so polite saying or signing thank you several times in return. The tripletts enjoyed a cho-cho ride while candy-givers "ohhed and awed" and handed them candy Ashley will never let them eat!! Since it ended up being a very cool night, our crew of 5 one-year olds made it 1.5 cul-de-sacs before having to turn in for the night. What a great night!! (the moms even got to meet up a Kona Grill for drinks after the festivities!!)

Papa Murphy's pumpkin-shaped pizza!

Garrett and Addie ready to go

Waiting for the tripletts

The dragon and the lady bug ready to go!

Everyone in their wagons and ready for candy

The tripletts enjoying their lollipops!

Garrett and Addie insisted on helping push the wagon

A bubble bath to warm up!

PJ's and a goodnight story

Most of all, the Kline family was blessed for time with great friends!


mamalouise said...

That is so fun that you guys all got together and took your kiddos out! I love it! All of your children are so beautiful!! How fun to already have lifetime friends and be so young! :)

Laura and Jeremy said...

It was a great weekend! Thanks for letting us stay. I'm sure Garrett and Addie will be having withdrawals! We sure do have wonderful friends and beautiful families!