Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebration of Life

This past weekend was a true celebration of life! A celebration for a life of grace through the sacrifice of God's Son, Jesus Christ! Also, the celebration of Garrett's birthday! We had such a wonderful weekend full of family and fun.

Garrett at his birthday party a Kids Korner!

Garrett, how old are you?!

Playing outside after cake and presents with his friends!

Garrett and his buddy Hayden!

Daddy was able to attend Garrett's Easter party at school!

Garrett closing his eyes while playing a game with the Easter bunny

Egg hunt #1 for the weekend


Once we arrived in Newburgh,the celebration continued. My sister had a Easter party for her neighboorhood. Here are the girls describing the Easter story through Resurection Eggs!

Egg hunt #2!! And notice my sweatshirt, this was the day of the big Final Four game and Garrett's actual birthday!

This kid is getting good at this!

Garrett really liked the pink eggs, should I be worried?!

Garrett's first try at dying eggs with Meme

The finished product. I couldn't get him to look up and smile
He was too busy staring at his masterpiece!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Garrett! Meme's Thomas cake!

Brandon's mom "aka:Grandma Kline" and Uncle Preston came over for a birthday/Butler game pizza party! We had so much fun and I had extra bodies cheering on my Bulldogs!

Blowing out the candles, another thing he had mastered by that point!

PRESENTS!! Yeah golf, daddy was most excited about this one!

Hanging out with Uncle P!

Easter morning, going through his basket from the bunny!

His first Peep. He liked playing with it and saying
"Cheep, cheep" more than eating it!

Here mommy you eat it!

My handsome boys after church. Garrett was unsure of the
tie until he saw daddy's!

The Stephens clan in the Easter best!

The whole family

Egg hunt #3, by this time he had it mastered!

O.k. some help from daddy was appreciated

Cutie pie, Landon!

Look how many I got mommy

The kiddos after the hunt

Playing golf with Uncle P

Grandma the Caddy!

Having fun with an empty box, oh to be a kid again!

Uncle P showing me his motorcycle....dont even think about it!

Swinging in the sunshine!

We are so blessed to have a great family and a Savior in Jesus Christ! Please keep us in your prayers Monday. Garrett is going to have a minor procedure to have his adenoids removed and myringotomy tubes placed. Hopefully this will mean a healthier, happier Garrett!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun with cousins and Thomas the Train

This past weekend, we enjoyed a visit from my sister, Keri and her children for their Spring break. When they visit Indianapolis their favorite place is to go to The Children's Museum! My nieces have been looking forward to the Barbie exhibit for months and Garrett had been saying "dinosaur, T-rex" for days! We had a great time, but as usual it was exhausting for the parents. My sister and I even brought in a reinforcement by asking Brandon to take the day off. The kids were so good and we had such a great visit!

"Chef" Landon playing with Garrett's kitchen

Anna and Claire ready to go the Barbie exhibit

Daddy and Garrett on the slide at the museum, Weeee!

While the girls were glamming it up we took the boys to Dinosphere!


Garrett digging for bones!

Keeping his eggs warm!

Trains! Trains!

Introducing Barbie's newest assistant!!

The ladies walking the runway!

Anna is very shy, Clair not so much!

Playing the water shoot at Bob the Builder

Attempt #1 to get a group pic

Attempt #2 to get a group pic

Attempt #3 to get a group pic...Never mind!

Fireworks of Glass by Chihuly

The water, Garrett's favorite, mom not so much!

He kept saying, "Dozer, mommy!!"

Ice cream treat for being so good!

Messy boy!

Since Garrett's birthday is Easter weekend, we enjoyed a party at home with neighbors and friends on Saturday. Garrett received a Thomas the Train for birthday with table and the whole works! We set it up so he could have it Saturday morning. It was like Christmas morning, so fun!! He played with that table ALL DAY! Later we enjoyed cake and ice cream! Happy Birthday, bud!

The choo, choo cake mommy made for the party!

He was so shy when everyone was singing to him.

Dig in!

Happy Birthday Garrett! More pics from Easter weekend and birthday parties #2 and #3 to come! This child is not spoiled at all. Have a great Easter weekend! Hallelujah, Christ has risen!