Monday, October 24, 2011

This is the day the Lord has made!!

On September 29, 2011 we welcomed Asher Luke Kline into our family! He came 2 weeks earlier than planned. I was placed on 2 weeks of bed rest for concerns of small weight and placental problems. We were so blessed with an awesome, attentive doctor and a smooth induction. After a long night stay in the hospital and one push...he was here! At first glance, we all felt a sense of deja vu...he looked just like Garrett. Now that we have spent more time with him he definitely has different features from Garrett. We had several visitors throughout our stay but no visitor was more anticipated than "Big Brother" Garrett. Truthfully his reaction was nothing to write about. He was more interested in the gifts addressed to him than his newest friend. He has since warmed up to his little brother in the comfort of his own home and the reality that Asher is not going anywhere. To say that going from one to two has been an adjustment is an understatement, overwhelming more like it! I promise I will be more prompt on further updates as I rub my eyes and grab a cup of coffee!

The amazing Dr Foster ("mom of 5 boys!!")

Garrett's first glance at his baby brother

My gals from work

Proud Meme and Pape

First picture of mom and her two boys!

Leah from our small group!

The Little's, also from our small group


Laura and Jeremy said...

Beautiful! Love all of the photos! Ditto on the adjustment of two. Can't wait to meet him...hopefully soon!