Monday, August 31, 2009

Is this kid great, or what?

It has been way too long since we updated the blog, so I thought it was time to get on here and tell you about Garrett (since that is why you read this anyway!). I usually write about happenings or events in our family, but today I thought I would catch you up on my great kid! Garrett is now 17 months old! I know we say this all the time, but I love this stage. He is so much fun to be around. One minute we are laughing the next we are pulling our hair out! Life with a toddler is full adventure and pure joy. He had a great summer hanging out with his daddy doing household projects, doing the grocery shopping and playing outside. They really formed quite a bond and I am so grateful that Brandon's job allows him to spend this quality time with Garrett. The past couple weeks have meant some adjustments for our family. Brandon went back to school so Garrett is going back to Kids Korner and Miss Jaime every Tuesday thru Friday. We have been working on weaning him from his constant pacifier use to only using it at naps and night time. Which has been more like weaning mommy and daddy from their sanity! Speaking of naps, he is now working with Miss Jaime on going down to only an afternoon nap. She would like to include him in "Centers" or the preschool curriculum by 18 months. They usually do this from 9-10:30am daily. Another new phase he has started is the "mine" phase. Except he yells it at the top of his lungs and gets on his tippy toes. Its really quite a performance. Mommy and daddy are really struggling with this new found Independence and bossy behavior. We are trying to stress saying "please" for a toy instead of taking it and giving others a turn. I see glimpses of progress at times. All have assured me this is a phase and does get better! He has also been in a stranger danger phase especially at church. We had many problems leaving him in the nursery while daddy and I enjoyed the service. Consistency has been key because now that we have been able to go to church one month straight he goes to the volunteer without crying and actually enjoys himself even if he has had to steal a security blanket from another kid to get through the hour!
With the fall season comes buying some warmer clothing. Garrett is still pretty short and we have really been struggling to find pants that fit his toddler belly but that he is not tripping over. Also his Meme came up to visit and took him on his first trip to Stride Rite for his first "real" pair of shoes!
Garrett talks constantly. I am not sure where he is getting this from because his parents are quite shy! We are really enjoying how much he is communicating, its really fun. He is now running everywhere..we do not walk. For instance today, we went on a walk and he insisted on getting out of his stroller and running the last 3/4 mile. He gets this from his daddy's side. I better watch because Brandon will be fitting him for running spikes before I know it!
I am still able to be home with Garrett on Mondays. This fall we will be starting a MOPS group at a local church. I am looking forward to getting to know some other women in the community and Garrett will participate in the Moppets group too! Of course our days will still be spent playing and having some mommy time. I love it! We have also made Monday's our library day. It has been fun to go pick a bag full of books to enjoy.
I hope you enjoy this fall season. We are looking forward to football and cooler weather. I am already planing "Boo at the Zoo" and the trip to Stoney Creek Farms to pick a pumpkin. First off is Labor Day weekend at Kentucky Lake with the Kline clan. I am sure there will be pictures to share!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well we have lived in our house for two years now and we have always heard of this great Luau put on every year by our neighbors behind us. David Remick is from Oahu, HI and he has a wonderful "secret" chicken recipe from a restaurant in his hometown that he enjoys making for everyone. And the Elfreichs, also behind us, love to host parties. So after a few year hiatus because of the Remick's adopting two children from Russia, the luau happened this past weekend. We had such a good time! Lots of good food, fun and children. The adults were out numbered by all of the kids! We put Garrett to bed at 7pm so we could enjoy some corn hole and the outdoor fire pit (dont worry the baby monitor reaches in our neighbors backyard). Mahalo neighbors!

Trip to Evansville

July 21st was my birthday and thanks to my wonderful husband it was a great day! My boys made me BBQ chicken, pasta salad and strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting. It was a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy it outside. Boy, has life changed I am so excited to sit at home and eat a good dinner with my boys! The weekend before last we made the track to Evansville to visit family. This trip was long overdue but as some of you know with a toddler, traveling is just not FUN! We did buy a portable DVD player as my birthday present to help with the four hour drive home which really helped. I took Friday off so we were able to spend the day by the pool relaxing and the went to a great birthday dinner with my family. Saturday Brandon and I were invited by my parents to go on a road trip to French Lick for the day with about 8 couples from my dad's work. Unfortunately it rained off and on all day which was not very conducive for an enjoyable convertible ride; however, we had a great time. We had lunch at the French Lick hotel and then went to the winery. Garrett got to have a Grandma Kline day which we were excited she had that opportunity, thanks Grandma for the date! And as God would have it we were in town the same weekend my sorority sister, Sara had a baby. I was thrilled I had the opportunity to visit her in the hospital before returning to Indy. Welcome to the world Grant!

Enjoying my birthday cake!

"Its Mommy's Party and I will Cry If I Want To"

Brandon didn't enjoy driving the Mini Cooper at all, wink!

The caravan of convertibles to French Lick

The Winery, yum!

Sara Rogier and baby Grant

No flash please!